Frequently Asked Questions

A no-code platform enables the quick development and deployment of programmes using graphical user interfaces and drag-and-drop functionality without the need for coding. It is designed for business owners who might not be aware that no coding knowledge is necessary to use the software. The biggest advantage of no-code platforms is that no prior coding experience is necessary, making it simple for anyone to swiftly develop commercial apps.

Low code development enables developers to create apps more rapidly and with less manual coding.


So, business owners who may not be coding experts create no-code apps. Since no coding is necessary for use, no-code platforms are ideal for business owners, but low-code platforms are best for power users and experienced developers.

The biggest myth is this one. Traditional no-code platforms are great for creating straightforward departmental apps, but there are also sophisticated platforms that make it easier for business users to create intricate enterprise-level applications.

Automatic reporting, profit and expense analysis, investment tracking, account receivable collection, payroll and invoice reporting are all advantages for accounting and finance.These are not the only departments that can benefit from this growing no-code technology; marketing and sales, procurement, and legal departments can as well.

For employee onboarding, training, performance reviews, and payroll processing, HR and Administration can use no-code apps.

Based on business requirements, a no-code platform like Gridzy offers countless possibilities. Businesses only require an idea, which can be quickly implemented with the correct no-code platform. Among the applications are:


Management of customer relationships

Task and project management

Help desk supervision

Management of expenses for travel

system for managing human resources

Worker self-service

Asset administration